Setting up a High Performance and Development Plan – by Ciaran Deely

I was looking back at the Wexford Footballers defeat to Dublin on Saturday 30th April 2022 and thought it warranted a Thread on Twitter. See below the steps that I set out on at @CiDeely
In this short blog I will set out how to set up a High Performance & Development Plan
You can use this for any team, county, code or sport ⚽️


1) People – who we are, what we believe in, what we stand for

If you don’t know who you are as a team, you won’t know where you’re going.

Use ‘VMOST’ to describe who you are:

V- vision
M- mission
O- objectives
S- strategies
T- tactics


a) culture
b) philosophy
c) core values

d) facilities
e) resources
f) programming
g) research & development
h) innovation


2) Playing Style

Your Playing Philosophy

If someone saw your team playing with different jerseys on, would they recognise your style?

What are your Principles of Play?

When attacking
When defending
During transitions
On set pieces


3) Coaching Academy

Have you set up a proper academy for your coaches also?

a) Bespoke coach ed curriculum
b) individualised coaching plans
c) high performance coaching pathway
d) online community of coaches (
e) Coaching masterclasses
f) annual conference



4) The Ideal Player

What does a player belonging to Team X look like?

Use the 4 Corner Approach:
– technical
– tactical
– physical
– psycho-social

What skills do they need, what attributes, characteristics

Across every position & every age group. Write it down, show them


5) Environment

The ‘Team behind the Team’
And around the team

A) coaches
B) sport scientists
C) medical support
D) performance analysts
E) County Board
F) parents/guardians/partners
G) teachers/school/workplace

Expert Frameworks needed

Synergy btn all these stakeholders


This Development & Performance Plan is actually really easy to design and implement

All you need is:

A) expertise
B) leadership
C) funding
D) drive
E) patience

And watch how your team grows?

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