DSS Diversity, Equality and Inclusion policy

At DSS, we believe that in the modern era diversity, equality and inclusion should be fundamental principles for society and we are committed to promoting these principles in our business.

We are passionate about all people having equal opportunities and believe that having an inclusive environment where diverse opinions can be heard improves the quality of what we do and the service we provide to everyone.


  1. We recognise that in our society some groups and individuals have been and continue to be discriminated against on many grounds including, for example, race, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, class, religion, marital status. We believe this is both legally and morally unacceptable and in adopting this policy, we are committing to play our part in ending such discrimination.
  2. We aim to ensure our business and the DSS community is as inclusive and welcoming as possible.
  3. We aim to create an environment which promotes diverse voices, opinions and talent.

Code of conduct

Every person should be made to feel equally welcome and included at all DSS meetings and events.

Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise offensive and inflammatory remarks and behaviour are not acceptable. These constitute harassment and have no place in the DSS community.

If any person feels they have been discriminated against or harassed at an event or forum hosted by DSS they should raise this with DSS administration (email [email protected]). DSS will investigate the complaint, listening to all persons involved.

All members of DSS will be sent a copy of this policy and is available on our website. Membership of DSS is conditional on complying with this Code of Conduct.

If the complaint is against DSS itself, the business must work to ensure that such discrimination is not repeated in the future and must inform members how they propose to do this.

Our commitments to diversity and inclusion

We commit to providing a platform for diverse voices to be heard.

We commit to creating an environment where all feel welcome and able to participate and engage.

We commit to providing opportunities for diverse talent to be showcased.

We commit to ensuring diversity and inclusion are embedded in our business strategy and that all DSS experts contribute towards this.

We commit to taking seriously any complaints of discrimination or harassment and taking appropriate and prompt action to address these.

We commit to being open to new ideas on how we can encourage and promote diversity and inclusion.

Review: This policy will be reviewed every 2 years. Policy adopted: 8 March 2021

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