*NEW Release to Purchase* Yearly Periodised Training Plan 2020

By Ciaran Deely (MSc MA) CEO of DSS and Sport Scientist QPR FC Academy

Ross Bennett (MSc ASCC BASES) Head of Performance for DSS and QPR FC Academy

This blog comes at a very exciting time for Deely Sport Science, following the release of the detailed season long programme and planner for all GAA club coaches / fitness coaches online. It comes at a very modest price of €20 for DSS members, and €40 for non-members and members of the public.  We must say, that the level of detail the programme provides not only warrants the money but supersedes it. This coincides with the start of pre-season for all clubs, and we believe that this document will provide you with a detailed programme across many aspects of your team’s development. These include, locomotive development (speed / agility), technical, tactical, fitness, recovery info, as well providing the ideal volume and intensity of sessions depending on what part of the season the team are in.

As mentioned above, the programmes provide info on the progressions and content when developing the different areas within your team. From a technical / tactical perspective it will allude what is the focus of that phase (technical / principles / tactical) and will give session content for each individual session. Often, even though there is a focus there will be an element of all aspects within the session. All drills provided in there will be available to watch on www.DeelySportScience.com so you can see exactly how they are set up and performed. Alongside this, the plan will provide the games programme and differentiation of small, medium and large sided games throughout the season.

Other than the technical / tactical development, there will be clear guidance and programming on getting your players physically better (and who doesn’t want your players to be fitter, stronger, quicker). It will progress and programme the locomotive qualities within sessions, working on different elements of speed / agility, and where they are programmed throughout the season. Alongside this there will be a very prescribed fitness progressions, from pre-season and what to do in-season prepping for both the league and championship campaigns. This will work on all aspects of fitness from longer aerobic intervals to the more ‘match specific’ work. Not only will the plan provide full details of work done on the pitch, it will provide gym sessions for all your team to complete throughout the season. It has up to 8 phases to take your team through all areas of plyometric / strength / endurance capabilities. The programme also includes example aerobic fitness sessions for your players to complete during any mini-breaks or the off season, as well as player recovery info you can post to your players following games / hard training sessions. The document will guide you also around periodisation, and when to ramp sessions to a high intensity and when to make it lower. It will guide high intensity periods of the season, and times where you will focus on other areas (tactical / match prep / recovery) etc… It will give session durations and RPE’s (Rate of Perceived Session), a score of how hard the session should be out of 10. It really is the WHOLE package.

Additionally, as a real gesture of good will from us here at DSS, we will provide full planning week by week for any team that gets past first round of the provincial competition. You must also remember, that the plan provides you with a template of planning, so you can adjust it to however you want to. This resource will really take your programme to the next level and give your players the planning and development they need in every aspect of their game. For us, it’s a NO BRAINER, so don’t miss out on this opportunity and get ahead of your competitors.

See our announcement video below and check out our YouTube Channel!

We look forward to all your feedback on it, and please enjoy.

Ciaran & Ross


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