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By Ciaran Deely MSc MA – CEO of Deely Sport Science Ltd
Today is a big day for our DSS organisation! After a lot of work over the last 12 months to get this Sport Science and Coaching website and business up off the ground, not only have we managed to bring on board such a renowned professional as Ross Bennett- who has worked with Chelsea FC, QPR FC and Aspire Academy in Qatar- as Head of Performance Ross Bennett for Deely Sport Science (check out his recent blog post in the Blog section), we are also announcing today on-field performance monitoring company STATSports as our new Strategic Partners!
It’s a company I have built up a 7 year personal and working relationship with through my work with QPR FC Academy and London GAA, and I chose very carefully the Strategic Partner who I wanted for the business I have grown myself. I’m delighted they’ve come on board now with us! They are the company at the forefront of on-field performance monitoring and analysis in sport in the world, so I am very happy our services can now go hand in hand for GAA and soccer teams in both Ireland and the UK, and hopefully at some point in the nearly future…globally! This is a membership-driven company, so I hope all members are happy to be aligned in their coaching with STATSports.
We are both companies who work at the cutting edge of sport science and monitoring; and take our position in elite sport very seriously.
I like that we are both young, innovative, dynamic companies…and we share a similar philosophy, values-system and commitment to excellence in sport and business!
This is a huge step for us- it means we can produce even better, more professional videos, link in with a truly global high performance Sport Science & Coaching company, and offer new services to our members and teams around the country. STATSports work with and provide training and match day GPS analysis for Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal, Juventus, SA Rugby, IRFU, Brazil, Germany, English FA, USA Women’s Soccer, Roma, NFL & NBA Teams and now…Deely Sport Science. We’re in pretty decent company! Oh, and Manchester United…
Most importantly of all to you- it allows us to offer a 20% discount on STATSports new Apex Athlete/Coach Series* which tracks players’ Distance, High Speed Running, Sprints, Accelerations, Decelerations, Heat maps and can also be used for Heart Rate Analysis.
Apex Athlete/Coach Series takes the power of STATSports professional team level Apex Pro software and puts it in the pocket on your phone for all athletes, players and coaches. I’ve had a look at the software myself and it looks top quality, and I’ll be playing around with it over the next few weeks on my morning run and show you people the results and analysis I can stream from the GPS Unit to my phone. Very excited about showing everyone the powerful capabilities of this software. And I believe it’s a piece of kit that can change the game of how GAA and amateur soccer players and coaches analyse their performances and training/match load.
All you need to do to get a 20% discount is input Promo Code DEELY20 into the checkout on the website when you go to purchase. I’ll be doing a few blogs and videos on this in the coming weeks and uploading to the site and all the usual Social Media Channels. They are running a special offer at the moment over on their website with further reductions, and inclusion of a FREE vest to go with the GPS Unit and software, so check it out if you have time today. (I receive no commission for any STATSports product that is purchased. I will, however, be brutally honest in saying if a product is great, or not so great!)
I can vouch personally for the quality of their system and products, and indeed for their excellent customer care- having experienced in my day job for the past 7 years working in professional football and with the GAA.
I am truly delighted they have aligned their work with ours.
And we can now say, we are all…
Deely Sport Science, powered by STATSports
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