Deely Sport Science, connected by SURPASSPORT

By Ciaran Deely – CEO of Deely Sport Science Ltd and Adrian Geissel – Founder of SURPASSPORT

Today we’re delighted to announce our latest strategic partnership with SURPASSPORT, the award-winning player-centred Team Management App. SURPASSPORT was founded in 2018 to simplify the management of underage teams, especially where kids play on multiple teams and represent multiple clubs and school. SURPASSPORT applies sports science and best practice for early identification of burnout and dropout, all the while ensuring an easy to use team management solution.

Our businesses share a belief in continuous Coach Education to promote best practices and to challenge our habits, so that we can improve the experience for our teams to increase performance across all ages, abilities and ambitions.

We felt a strategic partnership between our businesses was a logical step for ourselves, our members and our customers. We are delighted SURPASSPORT have come on board with us to make this collaboration a reality.

Our collaboration will combine quality training content with an easy-to-use continuous professional development (CPD) logging system, ideal for both professional coaches who must keep accurate records as part of their professional membership, and for amateur coaches who simply want to bookmark training courses for future use.

As our new strategic partners, SURPASSPORT are offering all our members 3 months free use of their system for you and your club. Simply input the voucher code ‘DSScpd’ when registering your club or team on the SURPASSPORT website. You can access this offer here

This is another great step forward for our company, as it brings our members in touch with a new and innovative company at the forefront of youth development and Coach Education management- an area we are making strides in. Being connected with SURPASSPORT allows us to bring daily updates of the best Webinars from around the world which we publish on our website here and send out on our Twitter feed @DeelySport We’ve even collated all the information so that you can book into the Webinars directly through our website! Check for #SportsWeminars on Twitter.

I am delighted we can offer you this new CPD-tracking and Team Management App service that you can use with your players and teams. We are:

Deely Sport Science, connected by SURPASSPORT


Extending beyond player-centred team management, SURPASSPORT provides modern and connected CPD management, where coaches can selectively share their CPD records with the Club’s Coach Development Officers.

Accessed through our secure club or section dashboard, Development Officers can easily track training needs, whether compliance mandated (such as First Aid or Safeguarding when working with minors) or as a skills master class for a new cohort of volunteer coaches. They can also arrange in-house training, booked on SURPASSPORT and automatically records as a CPD event for those attended.

Where training must be repeated at intervals, Coach and the Development Officer(s) are proactively notified as expiry approaches, allowing attendance at a suitable course or webinar to be arranged in good time.

Our goal is to improve the experience for underage players and emphasising CPD helps to encourage a culture of regular learning and best practice, for the individual coach and for the organization. Ultimately a win for the player, the team, the club and the sport.

Adrian Geissel, Founder & CEO, SURPASSPORT

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